make me choose → Jaime and Tyrion or Jaime and Brienne

"Jaime, he thought, despairing. My own blood, my big strong brother. When I was small he brought me toys, barrel hoops and blocks and a carved wooden lion. He gave me my first pony and taught me how to ride him. I never doubted him. Why would I?”
Anonymous asked: I work at mcdonalds and every so often Ronald comes to visit. I fucking hate clowns and i tell them every time.. the last time he found me cowering in a corner of the staff room. The manager had been making it so i wouldnt see him... but the rest of them.. they sent him to me. It was awful :(

Oh my gosh I feel your pain

come here I think you need a hug

stay strong anon you can do this

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and she’ll always bring you home.


Me whenever a character dies in Supernatural:


Anonymous asked: best day of my life by american authors is such an amazing song bless you



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sebastian-motherfucking-moran asked: omfg, you have no idea, I used to work at a mcdonalds, and a guy dressed as Ronald used to come in every few months for the kids and at least six people had to ask to not be scheduled for that day due to them being fucking terrified of him.



he scarred me for life

If you’ve never had a vanilla latte then you are missing out my friend

Anonymous asked: Who's your favorite character ever (from any tv show, book, movie)? What's the best song you've heard? The place/country/city you'd like to go for a vacation? :)

1. Tyrion Lannister speaks to me on a spiritual level

I mean there are loads more characters that I love but yeah he’s so witty and clever

2. omg this is such a hard question 

my opinion changes like every week haha

right now it’s probably best day of my life by american authors 

3. I’d love to go back to Turkey

It was just so beautiful and I had the best time there

But if I could go to a place I haven’t been before then it would probably be Italy

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Anonymous asked: 1. Have you ever killed a man? 2. Would you? 3. Will you help me bury a body?

1. Only in my mind

2. Realistically? No

3. Hell yeah

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Anonymous asked: hey how are you? (: and i was wondering how old you are? also, good luck with the job! what job did you apply for?

Hey! I’m good thanks :) How are you?

I’m 16 so it’s just a weekend job working in Clarks shoe store ahahaha 

Such fun 

But yeah if gets me a bit of money and its something else to put on my personal statement then why not ahah

This is my first attempt at adulthood so wish me luck

Anonymous asked: Do you have any pets? What was your biggest fear as a child? What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Yeah I have a dog called Bonnie

Shes adorable

My biggest fear as a child was probably ronald fucking mcdonald

and my favourite flavour of ice cream is ben & jerrys chocolate fudge brownie omg it’s the best thing ever

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