Sansa had favored her mother’s gods over her father’s. She loved the statues, the pictures in leaded glass, the fragrance of burning incense, the septons with their robes and crystals, the magical play of the rainbows over altars inlaid with mother-of-pearl and onyx and lapis lazuli. Yet she could not deny that the godswood had a certain power too. Especially by night. Help me, she prayed, send me a friend, a true knight to champion me…

Sansa Stark Meme

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hips don’t lie by oxford university’s all male choir



The reality is Spock has emotion but he just doesn’t express it. For me, playing Spock was really about cultivating an inner life. As an actor, your nature is to emote, so it’s a little counterintuitive. (Quinto)


It’s not a phase mom I really am the next supreme


dry shampooing my way through life

this is too beautiful to even put into words

this is too beautiful to even put into words


*listens to ur heart with a stethoscope* *takes ur temperature* *flashes a light in ur eyes* yep…. it’s exactly as i expected…. ur really cute….. *writes a prescription for lots of kisses*

shark week, man. how do you not watch that? whole week of sharks!